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Advisory Services

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The complexity of the decarbonisation landscape often leads to unnecessary cost and risk. Heatnet Global offers bespoke advisory services to public and private sector project owners aiming to minimize cost and risk and accelerate project delivery. Advice given is both strategic and operational and is structured around four core areas: Strategy, Conserve, Connect, Convert. This four-step methodology takes advantage of what is immediately possible and ensures swift savings and results. At each stage, Heatnet Global's team of seasoned industry experts stands by ready to help. 

Strategy: Heatnet Global helps project owners develop and manage comprehensive and forward-thinking decarbonisation strategies. Heatnet Global identifies opportunities to maximize carbon and cost savings and plays and active "critical friend" role in advising on appropriate solutions and delivery partners. These low-carbon"roadmaps" are tailored to meet specific objectives within conserve, connect, convert, and align with broader sustainability and net-zero ambitions.

Conserve: First and foremost, Heatnet Global assists project owners in identifying opportunities to optimize energy demand, minimize waste, and reduce system temperatures. This involves recommending certain energy-efficient practices and innovative digital technologies that go beyond improving the fabric of the building. 

Connect: Heatnet Global also works with project owners to identify suitable heat network opportunities that align with their objectives. We provide valuable insights into the technical and logistical aspects of heat network integration and also help clients navigate the regulatory and compliance requirements related to heat network development and participation.

Convert: Embracing renewable and sustainable energy sources is the final aspect of Heatnet Global's approach. Heatnet global helps guide project owners in transitioning from traditional fossil fue;-based heating systems to alternative low-carbon heating solutions using renewable energy sources.

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The Modular Approach

At each stage of conserve, connect, convert, Heatnet Global assembles a corresponding bundle of industry leading solutions, that work together seamlessly to yield ultimate efficiency and cost effectiveness. We combine this with the necessary resources (staff) and training (skills) to facilitate successful project delivery. With our thoughtfully assembled one-stop kits you avoid the burden of piecing together individual bricks, one at at time.

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