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Heatnet Global has an active network of several hundred technology suppliers and engineering consultants.  Through Heatnet Global, our partners enjoy access to the numerous influential industry stakeholders we work with. We help our partners to drive sales through a combination of intimate networking workshops, focused matchmaking, and collaboration opportunities. We also afford partners an opportunity to present and explain their solutions and services to a range of potential buyers during our regular Heat Academy events and access to Heatnet Global business hubs, from which they can operate, network, and further develop their local presence. By introducing our extensive network of well-connected local partners to targeted markets, Heatnet Global strengthens the global supply chain of sustainable heating solutions

Technology Suppliers

For many suppliers, growing their presence in a new market and sourcing new commercial opportunity is a long, difficult process. Joining the Heatnet Global network can serve as a valuable shortcut.


Heatnet Global acts as a switchboard connecting suppliers to relevant buyers, engineering consultants and other partners in order to drive sales and accelerate market entry and growth. We spend time with our clients to understand their exact goals so we can better assist them in generating substantive leads and tangible commercial opportunities.

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Through Heatnet, we have found like-minded councils, operators, and companies across the globe, all willing to share knowledge and best practice. As well as improving our understanding of heat network design and operation from clients who operate mature systems across Europe, we have been able to refine and develop our pipeline management systems, digital twins and hydraulic modelling software. Peter Anderberg is a force of nature – his knowledge, drive and passion to decarbonise heating is inspirational. With the help of Heatnet Global, we have recently been able to secure a number of contracts which has doubled our turnover in this area of the business.

Glyn Addicot

Hydraulic Analysis 


Facilitating Market Access & Commercial Opportunity
Heatnet Global Supplier Networking

Technical Consultants

In Europe, as in other markets, investment in decarbonizing heating is booming. As more and more new projects arise, engineering consultancies face a wealth of opportunity. The challenge lies in navigating competition and capturing as much of this opportunity as possible, as quickly as possible.


Heatnet Global can be your strategic partner to streamline your networking and connect you to the right technology suppliers and project owners quickly and efficiently. Partner consultants become members of the Heatnet Global resource pool that project owners use to fill gaps in their own delivery capacities. We are interested in consultants with a wide range of commercial, technical, and language competencies. If interested in joining the Heatnet Global consultant network, please contact us through the button below. 

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Experience the benefits of being a Heatnet Global partner. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can assist you.

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