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Let's Decarbonise.

At Heatnet Global, we facilitate the decarbonisation of heating and cooling in practice. Through our extensive network of well connected partners in targeted markets, we offer a range of match-making and capacity building services to drive the delivery of low-carbon heating and cooling.


The road to net-zero heating and cooling is not smooth. Heatnet Global was founded to flatten the bumps and bridge the gaps to accelerate and simply the journey to a low-carbon future.  

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Intel, Introductions, Industry Events, Infrastructure 

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Skills, Strategy, Solutions, Staff, Sponsors

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We are not your typical consultancy. To deliver our services we employ a collaborative approach, leveraging our global network of solution providers, consultants, and other key stakeholders. This unique approach not only increases our bandwidth but equips us with deep local knowledge of markets around the world. Click "Our Networks" to learn more about joining our technology supplier and consultant networks, and how we can help your business expand its reach and discover opportunity.  

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