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What We Do

Decarbonising Heating and Cooling. In Practice. 

01 We Map

We map the market for you. Working closely with our regional teams we assemble critical information on market dynamics, project opportunities and important local contacts. 

02 We Connect

We organise introductions to key industry stakeholders and our own local partners who can help grow your business in their respective markets. We also host a range of internal commercial workshops and strive to maintain a presence at major industry events. Our Heatnet Global business hubs strategically located in close proximity to active projects also provide an infrastructure for Heatnet members to meet and collaborate in person. 

03 We Support

We offer a series of capacity buildings services to help move projects from ideation to delivery. These include: training to address the ever-growing skills gap; strategy development for organisations trying to better understand how to achieve net-zero heating and cooling; technology options appraisals to identify the right solutions for your project; resource pooling to access experienced professionals with specific expertise; and sponsors, to access funding for project development and delivery. 

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